Bigo Live - Live Stream v3.8.0 APK Free (Latest) Download for Android Added on Aug 29, 2017

Name: Bigo Live - Live Stream Developer: BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. Category: Social
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Going live on your different social media profiles is a trend which is being followed by everyone these days. Now on most of the social sites such as Facebook and YouTube, you cannot get much of the attention but this can be changed. Now there are so many online streaming platforms where you can go live to gain a lot of attention, make sure that you are funny and entertaining enough, or a good speaker so that people might want to connect you and thus, this will increase your followers. This is all possible on this amazing live stream app called Bigo Live. To get this app, download the free Bigo Live APK right now from our website and begin all the fun.


Bigo Live APK Review.

What are you good at? Entertaining people with comedy and singing, speaking on important topics, and any thing else in the world, this is an app where you can get a lot of exposure. On Facebook, it will only be your friends who will want to connect but when it comes to this one, just present people with the interesting stuff and get followers which are forever going to follow you once you keep entertaining them.


In fact, this is not all. Bigo Live is an app where you have the best chance of getting exposure in the public. When you keep doing live streams either alone or with friends, the app keeps giving you higher ranks and eventually, you will reach the mark. Being done with this short review, let us move on to its features now.


Bigo Live APK Features.

The app has a lot of major features which we would like to tell you now. Keep reading them below:


  • Bigo Live is an absolutely free to download, install and use app.
  • Everything from live streams to sharing vlogs is free on this app so get going now.
  • While there are millions who are connecting to the app, go live and gain some followers.
  • Gives you an amazing and high-definition live stream with even an average connection.
  • Connect to other people's stream and find yourself some pure entertainment.

To get this app, download the free Bigo Live APK right now from our website and begin all the fun.


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