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Name: Harvest Land Developer: MysteryTag Category: Casual
Version: 1.4.6 Updated: Jun 26, 2017 Downloads: 193


Harvest Land is a casual strategy game developed for androids by Mystery Tag team. Now I am going to tell you about the harvest land where you grow the hens and made houses in this game. Your well comes in this game where you set up the farm. In this game, the hens charm the foods. In this game where you set up beautiful houses and village. The player can discover the beautiful land, where you can set up different form in this game. You can fight with the monster in this games. In this game, you import and export thing from the other friends and you discovered a new property in this game. In this game, you can challenge the friends and create your form best from other friends. It is the online game to play with other friends and create a new village where you set up different form. So you agree with this article and before starting this best game you read the article and features of the game.

Harvest land APK features review.

•In this game, you can cultivate grapes, wheat, rice, and other crops. You take more fun in this game and buy food for hens to grow up. Then your hens give more eggs and sale in the shops.

•In this game, you can grow the animal and your crops like, chicken, pigs, sheep and cow in this games, and made houses for the animals and pets. In this game, the animal gives a product to sale in the shop like eggs from hens, meat from pigs, Hide from sheep, and milk from a cow.

•Player can construct houses to cover the place, hog form for animals, and mines for travel one place to another place. This thing is important in this game. The user can construct houses of his choice and made a better house.

•In this game, you can trade things with friends and this thing gives real fun to the player in this games. The player can also use a fight with a monster to kill the monster to save the harvest lands. In this game where you made a one by one form for the animal where he lives and eat the foods.

•In this game when you win that you create a better form and great village and houses to cover the land from help with houses and fight with a monster to kill.

•Player can battle with a monster with great fight and win the match and capture the land.


In this game when you playing then you check the internet connection and play this amazing game. To get this beautiful game, download the free Harvest Land APK from our site and begin some farming time.

Harvest Land
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