WiFi Warden (WPS Connect) v1.8.3 APK Free (Latest) Download for Android Added on Apr 25, 2017

Name: WiFi Warden (WPS Connect) Developer: Ramtin Ardeshiri Category: Tools
Version: 1.8.3 Updated: Jun 26, 2017 Downloads: 1659


Hello to all. Hope, you are well. Today, we are here to share WiFi Warden latest APK with you. Through the using of this awesome application WiFi Warden on your Android system. You can see frequency, channel, encryption, security, distance with the router of wireless access points around you and it will show you that, who is connected to your network. The application is also a WiFi analyzer with perfect features and functions. The app WiFi Warden is developed with the power to test WPS vulnerability and can connect your device with WPS default in Pin generator. No need to root your Android 5 or later. Need root on Android 4.4 or earlier to work with it. The application will allow you to the remote attacker to recover your WPS PIN. You can make your router secure with this cool application WiFi Warden.

Let's see what are the features of the application WiFi Warden (WPS Connect):

  • You can connect with WPS default to Pin Generator. It will show you more than 11 Pins.
  • Analyze your WiFi. Can access channel distance to the router and encryption etc.
  • Connect by using a passphrase.
  • You can encrypt your system with strong passwords by the using of WiFi Warden.
  • Can easily recover your forgotten passwords. You can see saved WiFi passwords. But it requires root.
  • Scan your port easily.
  • Also, can scan your WiFi channel.You can see which devices are connected to your network. Will show you the name of the device, mac address or IP.
  • WiFi increased guidelines of security.

So, you are coming at the last step to get your application WiFi Warden (WPS Connect). To download the updated and latest APK file of the WiFi Warden. Follow the given downloading link URL below. The application APK file is secured and protected from all type of malware. Don't worry and push the Get APK button to start your download. Your download will begin automatically after a click.


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